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August 2020

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Assessment of social situation in Neftchala and Tovuz regions by the population

Our organization regularly looks into the real situation and closely studies the problems of local population in regions. We took various areas as objects of study when holding a survey in Neftchala and Tovuz regions. Thus, the survey covered Neftchala town, Xilly settlement and Tatarmahalla village of Neftchala region, as well as highland Namxosh, Saritala and Yoghunbulag villages in Tovuz region. As a result, it was fixed that each region has its specific problems. Although a gas pipeline passes across Tatarmahalla village, the local population is not supplied opportunely with gas which entails their fair discontent. The population of Xilly settlement notes that as long as lands are mostly saline, they can not pay land tax imposed by the State. Unlike Neftchala town, population in Tatarmahalla village and Xilli settlement complained about the unemployment problem and technical state of the roads.
The population in highland villages of Tovuz region is dissatisfied mainly with gas supply and provision of social aid. They noted that although they are unemployed, they are refused each time when they apply for social aids.
Let?s observe the results of the survey we held in Neftchala and Tovuz. 16,6 % and 11,3 % of the population in Neftchala and Tovuz regions accordingly said ?Yes? answering the question – ?Has your welfare improved during the last year??, whereas the great majority answered ?No? which is a regrettable fact for the region. The great part of the population attributed a low level of their welfare during the last year to the lack of work places. Besides, they are dissatisfied that most of the newly provided work places are temporary. Great majority of the respondents expressed their discontent answering such questions as – ?to what extent does your monthly salary cover minimal needs of your family?? and ?do you feel any improvement in provision of your needs with regard to the salary growth??. Only 11,1 % (Neftchala) and 1,6 % (Tovuz) said they carried out bank operations in regions during the last year which is mostly related to a poor level of knowledge about bank services and their illiteracy in this regard. Explanation of bank-service rules to the population can help to eliminate corruption in finance-related issues.
Besides, most of the respondents expressed their dissatisfaction while answering the question – ?to what extent is skillful youth involved in newly provided work places??- noting that newly provided work places are insufficient and most of them are temporary.
Great majority of the population stressed improvements in healthcare service and an educational level at schools. However, they emphasized a low level of municipal activity and their engagement with land sale.
Our organization intends to hold similar surveys over the population?s welfare and social development in Gazax, Aghstafa and Shamkir regions in the future. We believe that such surveys will facilitate the execution of State Program on socio-economic development of regions.

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