Azerbaijan reduces cotton export 4.4 fold

This November Azerbaijan curtailed cotton export 4.4 fold against October.
The Azerbaijan State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that for Jan-Nov 2010 country?s cotton export totaled 15.91% of the Jan-Nov 2009 export index and earnings from its export dropped by 86.2%.
Over the last 11 months Azerbaijan exported 2,286 tons of cotton that makes up 0.01% ($2.6 million) of country?s overall export ($19.4 bn).
For Jan-Nov of the year average export price totaled $1,145 per ton.
At that, this November cotton export totaled 62.4 tons for $121,700 at average price of $1,950 against 273.9 tons for $196,300 at average price of $716.68 in October and 980.9 tons for $1.2 million at price of $1,266.49/ton in March.
March?s index is most likely going to remain record till new cotton harvest in 2010. This January when cotton export reached 367044% of export for January 2009 and earning from its export rose 5.432-fold, 453.8 tons of cotton was exported for $571,200 tons at the price of $1,258.772 per ton.
In 2009, the country exported 17,371 tons of cotton for $17.358 million that made up 119.27% of production export indices over 2008. Last December, export totaled 795.9 tons for $890,900.
Last year cotton export from the country made up 0.12% of total export of Azerbaijan.
In 2009, Azerbaijan exported cotton on average at price $999.25 per ton but in December the price was $1,119.36.



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