Baku waste management to be under functionaries? personal responsibility

The Collegiate Organ of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Economic Development has considered the course of Integrated Solid Waste Management Project (ISWMP), implemented with financial backing of the World Bank (WB) in Azerbaijan.
The Ministry says that the relevant meeting participants exchanged views on challenges the MED faces within the Project, including work of Ministry?s regional branches.
Following the discussion economic development minister Shahin Mustafayev gave concrete tasks to responsible officials of the MED. ISWMP curator F. van Verden visited Baku on 14-18 December with the purpose of project review.
Earlier the WB announced the chosen consultants on main directions of the project.
On 29 September 2009, presentation of the ARP II Integrated Solid Waste Management Project was held.
The five-year agreement within the framework of ARP II was signed with the WBG.
Overall cost of the project is $41.5 million, including $29.5 million to be financed by WBG and $12 million by the Azerbaijani government.
The project consists of five components: a) institutional reform, capacity building and project management (cost: $6.68 million). This component includes creation of new joint stock company Clean City; b) Balakhani landfill rehabilitation and management ($10.71 million); c) closure and management of other dumps ($6.4 million); d) the urgent collection equipment for under-served Baku districts ($5 million) (this is the only component financed by the government); e) technical preparation of post-project investments ($1.9 million).
The government also undertook VAT payment within the project.



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