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May 2020


Crimea to offer discounts to Azerbaijan passenger flights

The Republic of Crimea is ready to offer a 50 per cent discount to air passenger flights to develop tourism, minister of resorts and tourism in Crimea Alexander Liev told journalists in Baku.
“The Crimean side is also ready to provide incentives for advertising services to Azerbaijan air carriers, “Mr Liev said.
Currently, the annual tourist flow between Azerbaijan and Ukraine is at the level of 90 000 people, 60 000 of whom are Azerbaijani tourist with the remainder of 30 000 coming from the Ukrainian.
“One of the main goals is to bring the total figure to 200 000 people by 2015,” Mr Liev said.
The Crimean side offers packages which cost 30 euros per day to include meals, procedures and hospitality to Azerbaijan tour operators in order to attract tourists to Crimea.
Mr Liev noted that tourist packages would cost around 600 euros, where half of the cost will fall on the very trip ticket and the remaining half on the flight.
Crimea selected 19 main regions, one of which is Azerbaijan, in order to restore its position in the global tourism market. The Crimean side is ready to organise a free of charge presentation of opportunities of Azerbaijan on local television and promotional tours of travel companies in the Crimea to attract tourists.
The two-way cooperation, which Crimea intends to establish with Azerbaijan, is also aimed at increasing the tourist flow in the direction of Azerbaijan.
Ukrainian Ambassador to Azerbaijan said during a press conference that it will be quite interesting for Ukrainian tourists to visit places such as Guba, Hussar, Nabran, naphthalene and other regions of the country.

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