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August 2020

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Quality of food products and health of population

Health and longevity of population directly depend on quality of used food products. Modern development features of economy gave great opportunities for importing various foreign products. Besides, production of food products constantly increases within the country. In this case, a consumer has a possibility to choose any product among various kinds of products. A question appears ? On what criteria does a citizen choose food products?
It is known that food products produced abroud have some superiorities in internal market. It include packing of a product, its design, colour, advertisement, generally image of the company that produce a product and mainly the quality of a product. Taking into consideration of ignorance of majority of population on the quality of product and existing mentality, local entrepreneurs don?t pay necessary attention on this issue. It should be noted that foreign citizens use this situation for their benefits. For instance, suitability period of the products imported from abroad is not shown( as an example we can show toothpaste, butter, sweets and etc). On the contrary, this kind of product in foreign markets isn?t allowed to be sold.
Taking into consideration of all mentioned above we consider that It is utmost important to create independent and social laboratory to be examined quality of food products in consumption market. Exactly this kind of independent laboratory can prevent danger for citizens? health by analyzing the quality of food products in the market.
Solution of this problem is utmost important for the regions of Azerbaijan, because in many cases, expired products are sent to those regions. It was approved by the experts of our Center during the monitorings held in those regions. Naturally, local inhabitants should increase their attention on the quality of food products as well .
Relevant labaratory has recently been established in the Ministry of Economic Development of Azerbaijan to examine quality of food products. Noting establishment of this center as a positive fact we consider that establishing independent laboratories (not depending on the government) to analyze quality of food products may play an important role in getting more objective information.

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