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August 2020

Our partners

Regional Development Center in Azerbaijan

Public Campaign �Online survey project� headed �10 questions to my President� to be held by Regional Development Center in Azerbaijan
As is known, presidential election will take place on 15 October, this year. Consequently, a newly elected president should be aware of the problems troubling citizens in regions. However, it is possible to study objectively the current situation by collecting data from various sources. �The Regional Development Center in Azerbaijan� is launching public campaign �Online survey project� starting from 1 June to collect more profound data in this regard on the eve of presidential election.
The primary goal of the project is to question every candidate regarding the problems disturbing citizens, enable them to voice frankly their views about each topical matter and answer each question publicly.
The questions cover the following spheres
1. Economy
2. Social Policy
3. Foreign Policy
4. Military Policy
5. Human Rights
6. Public Health
7. Education
8. Culture
9. Science
10. Environment

The Center is creating a special web page named �10 questions to my president� in its web site
You can send your questions to the [email protected] e-mail or appeal directly through 510-28-05 tel. number. Every citizen, presenting a question, should introduce him/herself and inform about his/her social status. All the questions will be placed on our web site and systematized. Eventually, 10 topical questions will be selected to be presented to the candidates afterwards.
The answers of candidates will be published in mass media. In the end, all the collected data will be published and presented to a newly elected president.
We hope for citizens� active participation in this survey, thereby assisting a newly elected president in his/her future activity.
All the questions will be presented to the election headquarters of each candidate on September 15 � a month before the presidential election. The answers of candidates will be announced a week later. One week prior to the election day, the answers of candidates and their analysis will be published in mass scale.
Besides, it is indented to appeal to a newly elected president through our web site. The appeal will be entitled �I would like my motherland Azerbaijan to be ��..�. Three most interesting appeals will be introduced on out web site. Influential experts will be involved to select those appeals.
Finally, all the information will be published as a booklet and presented to a new president.
We invite you to join public campaign �10 question to my president�.

Adress: Baku, M.Mirgasimov str.,4 a. 42, Tel./Fax: ( + 994 12 ) 441 20 91

Email: [email protected]